Mysterious Lyon πŸ‡«πŸ‡·

Such a pleasure to start the new year with a traveling blog!

This time the destination was Lyon, France. I think it was the most unique and differing trip so far. I can’t say that Lyon was that small, but for me it will go down as a little old town. Unlike the other places I’ve been, it didn’t have too much attractions to see. And that was it’s biggest highlight for me and the reason why it felt different. When you travel for approximately 5 days, and the city has lots of “must see”-s, you end up not having time to just wander around and feel the general atmosphere of the city. Though I still managed to feel it, but not completely. In these attractions you only see tourists. You see cafes and shops made for tourists. And you don’t really get the true vibes of the city. For me it’s the most interesting and inspiring part of every trip. And this time, we didn’t have many destinations, and most of the times we had just “aimless” wanderings through the center of the city and its old town. And only now I truly felt the French spirit. I did feel it in Paris, but this was a whole other story.

It was cold and gloomy most of the days. And only in these days you feel the mysterious mood of the city. Lyon is considered to be one of the angles of “White Magic Triangle” along with Prague and Turin. The latter have their explanation and reason of being in the triangle, but Lyon didn’t. Well at least I couldn’t find anything justifying its magical position. But as soon as you’re there, you can feel why. It’s just something unexplainable, it’s just a feeling that you can get there. You feel something really ancient and almighty everywhere you go.With colorful buildings, gothic style architectures, churches and cathedrals (which I reckon has already become a cliche for me to say but still I do), narrow little streets of cobblestone, cute little cafes and shops, made not mostly for tourists (as there are not so many of them), but for the citizens themselves. The churches here are just magnificent. Especially the basilica of Notre Dame, which ironically was muuch greater and more powerful than the one in Paris, which is more famous than this one. That was the reason of me using the word “ironically”. Being not the greatest religious person (don’t get me wrong, I do believe in God or the universe, it’s just that I don’t connect my faith with religion or churches) I felt the presence of the highest powers in the basilica. The flood of light and positive energy, the spiritual atmosphere were just great. It’s just unbelievable that someone or something mortal could create something so divine only in 18th or 19th century. (and yeah, I’m still not good with numbers and years).

One of the things that Lyon is famous for, are the traboules built ages ago. Basically they are secret passageways between the narrow streets of old town, which go through the buildings. So passing it you can end up on the parallel streets, or as in one wonderful case, find an antique wicca shop selling vintage clothes, old maps, runes and tarot cards, jewelry, crystals etc. It was one of the days I’ll never forget cause it was a mini-dream of mine to come true- finding such a hidden magical place, which will feel like something special intended to for only you to see.

Basically the whole time in there I felt like a witch living in ancient times in France (thanks god I didn’t experience execution ). But I guess that’s the point of traveling isn’t it? Seeing and experiencing things not through the eyes of a tourist, but of a resident in that city. And doesn’t matter whether you feel and picture everything in the present or go back to the past, like I tend to do. Cause everything ancient has so many beautiful and mysterious stories. Stories that became legends and myths, or don’t even exist, you just make them up in your mind and believe in it. But believing means seeing, right?

So, to summarize the trip and blog, I can sincerely say that this one was a really remarkable one. Something I was longing for, just living and breathing the atmosphere of the city, especially in this kind of a city with its powerful energies and mysteries. Just having a chill trip, nevertheless seeing and finding out more about the culture and history of the place than if run from place to place to see the main attractions for the personal record’s check. I would definitely want to come back one day, and get all these once again. In the mystical Lyon.



  1. Thank you for a lovely trip down memory lane. I went to College in Lyon. Still go back every 2-3 years. (Speaking of friends) one of my oldest friends is from Lyon. You seem to have seen all the right places. They have greatly improved the city. When I was there, it was all dark and sooty. Most “traboules” were closed and in a state of disrepair.


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