Merry and Bright πŸŽ„πŸ’«

Well, it wouldn’t be me without another Christmas blog, would it? I think I wrote every possible thing about this holiday, but with every new year I feel more inspired to write something else, to spread this holy jolly spirit.

Everyone seems so outgrown of this holiday, everything became so dumb and boring. People stopped believing which is really terrible when you start thinking much about it. And it’s not only the belief in Santa Claus for instance, it’s the whole thing. It’s about not believing that something really magical and great and awesome can ever happen. Everyone defines their own meaning of the word magical, so it’s all up to you. But to quit believing is just dreadful. All my friends stopped believing in Santa way before me. I still believe in him actually. Even if this sounds stupid and childish. I want my fuel and energy for my life be positiveness and believing in everything wonderful, magical and fascinating. Even if it’s not true. Even if everything won’t turn out the way I dream, so what? I had that sense of believing which lead me through the days. I had that warm feeling inside of me and I never let it go cold in my heart and soul. And I don’t care if it’s stupid, that’s what they call motivation or inspiration.

Christmas here served as a good metaphor. But it also has its literal interpretation. I believe in Christmas, in its spirit. I believe that good things happen and that magic happens you just have to keep your heart wide open for it and not deny it. This whole month is a big festivity itself. All the fairy lights which are my absolute favorite thing and not only for christmas. Their dances contain so much magic, as though you appear in a wonderland. Christmas songs, movies, snow(if you get lucky enough to have it). Decorating, being with your close ones, seeing all the lights in the night city, having chilly walks and then cuddling in a warm blanket with, of course, hot chocolate and a great movie. Being creative, making something special for this time, spreading christmas cheer and spirit, trying to touch even one person’s heart and warm it up. Making Elves from Scrooges or Grinches. (hope you get that metaphor). Just feeling festive and magical. And again believing. That’s all for this season. I don’t mention presents or great table because it’s not what it’s really about. If your main topic is getting presents, new fashionable clothes for celebrating, and food food food, then I must inform you that you’ve missed out the point of this holy times and you might need to sort out your priorities. And it’s totally up to you whether to join to this merry times or put it off blaming being tired, not having time, or being “grownups”. You will never be to old to feel happy and cherish everything your soul wants to cherish.

Anyway, I don’t want to lecture anyone now, because I’m too inspired for that. Just a little advice, remember your childhood, how you were getting excited for every little thing, how everything had so much magic in it. Remember those times, all the good memories that you had, recall them and try to bring back that joy that you had as a child. And just enjoy your times. And in this happy note, I’m saying my goodbye for now and waiting for the polar express to come and pick me up. One of the greatest cartoons btw, just watched it and highly recommend. It’s pure magic and kindness.

Merry Christmas everyone! πŸŽ„πŸ’«

p.s. as blogs are not enough for me, I made a little cozy video with one of my ultimate christmas songs in it, so check it out and get inspired. ✨



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