The Little Realm 💫❄️

I have nothing in particular to write about, just wanted to capture the current mood of mine by having a little chit chat with my own self in the form of this blog. Wo that was a hell long sentence.

It’s the game of lights that inspires me right now, and maybe the watching of new Nutcracker movie which contributed to my already festive and magical mood. And yes maybe again I would sound like a child, but aren’t children the happiest people on this earth? so why can’t we be children all over again? get excited about everything. find magic everywhere. Even in simple fairy lights? Right now I look on my lights around the window and they share so much with me. Magic, positivity, coziness, fantasy. Everything is so good when you add your imagination to them. Something children do all the time. It’s not just toys for them, it’s real people, real life. They add so much greatness to this dull world, that’s why they see only the good stuff. An excellent feature to preserve during our whole lives. Something I still manage to do. So it’s not just my room right now. It’s my fantasy realm, full of so many things that you can’t find somewhere else. It’s a whole world for me, where everything has its story, and if it doesn’t, I simply make it up.

And again it’s all about noticing the small insignificant at first sight details. These details, small bits and pieces give the whole smell and flavor to life. It’s not the destination that matters, but the road to it. I don’t know why I remembered it, but it’s so true. In our constant rushing chase of anything we miss so many magnificent things going on around us. So every now and then we just need to stop looking for something and actually see. See the beauty of this world that is hidden in simplicity. Like lights for instance, which became the inspiration of today’s philosophical talk. It’s nothing special right, just my room with fairy lights. But from now on it officially became my realm. Though it has been for a long time, I just seemed to forget about it. And everything is good here, everything is magical, full of positivity, good memories and stories.

I really don’t know what this was all about, once again, I wanted to freeze this fascinating moment of my imagination and write it down. Turned out a little bit of a mess, but I don’t really care.

So excuse me to leave soon this time, to enjoy my lights, my nutcracker ost, to which I’ve been listening for the past hour, and my own little realm of fairy lights and fantasy. ✨


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