Ancient Athens 🇬🇷

Welcome to the second part of my latest travel destination-Greece.

One thing that I want to emphasize from the very beginning, a lesson that I’ve learned- never never judge sth from others opinions or sayings. Do your own research, have your own experience and then make your own opinion of sth. Why did it become the lesson of this trip is pretty simple. I’ve heard so much about Athens, that it’s not the best travel destination, that it’s the last place sb should go, that there’s nothing to see and bla bla bla. But it turned out to be really great, one of the prettiest places I’ve seen with a great atmosphere. The mix of old and new, little streets with cute cafes,benches and flowers and big streets with tons of yellow taxies, which make you feel like you’re in NY. Lots and lots of trees, plants and flowers that make you feel like in a terrarium and make everything much prettier, cozier and fresher if I can say so.

The second answer to my learned lesson’s why is Acropolis. Again I read and heard that it’s in the middle of, I don’t know, Sahara desert, that it’s really hard to go up there, that there’s no food and water etc…Turned out to be max 20 minutes of walking through a nice path with again lots of trees, which looked like forest, cafes, benches to sit, water machines. So again, don’t trust anyone, only yourself. The Acropolis itself was great and divine, literally. To be honest, I didn’t want to go because I thought it’d be really boring, just some old rocks, with lots of tourists + the things I’ve heard before, but I’m so glad that I went there. Despite the big amount of people, not too much, but still quite a lot, I could feel the antique atmosphere, the times of all the Gods, especially Poseidon, whom, if you didn’t know, I kind of worship. It’s just amazing how these places could have been built thousands of years ago BC and still remain really good, with the help of restorations ofc. The only cons of it would be the fact that you couldn’t like walk through them or touch anything, which is understandable but still bad for me. Btw it was really windy up there, and I wore the most uncomfortable dress I could possibly wear, but the resulting photos were totally worth me being a Marilyn Monroe. (photos as always would be at the end)

Next thing that should stand out is the Old town of Athens, the nicest neighborhood Plaka. It was like a paradise for a person like me who loves everything antique. And it wasn’t only one street or two or three, it was a huge place, where I think you could walk for week and still find sth new. All the little streets and paths, colorful buildings, again plants and flowers, old style lamps, make you feel in an endless summer of medieval times. Here again exists the mix of old and new, the dozens of cafes and souvenir shops representing the category of new. But again only now I felt what is the real Greek atmosphere that I’ve heard so much before. The feeling of endless holidays and fun. If in Paris for example I could feel the hard mysterious times, with all the gothic architecture and lifestyle, here I could only feel happiness, warmth easiness, sth I don’t think I’ve ever felt so hard anywhere else. It’s not the typical European style which distinguishes a lot. I don’t think I can even explain that. In both places you feel the ancient times but in two very different ways. Both are amazing and wonderful, it’s just that I don’t think I’ve had this second type of antiquity-feeling before.

Other things that should be pointed out are lots of cats again, as in Cyprus, and people treating them really well, like they’re Gods or something. And if you know me, you’ll know that I love the sceneries of the cities from above, so whenever there’s a chance or a place to climb up and see it I take it. This time wasn’t an exception, only this time there were two fascinating views- from Acropolis to the city and vice versa, and both looking really good, with the pinkiest sunsets and night views full of lights. And people playing greek music in the streets was also adding the sense of hospitality to the general air of the city.

Sorry Greece for the bad opinion of you for many years. And Greek people, also an apology to you for not thinking of you in the best way. It’s really important not to stick to your old prejudices and to give everything a second chance. And now enjoy Athens through my eyes.


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