Island in the Sun 🌴

Breaking free..These moments are the best so far. When you get away from everything and everyone, from the world. When you don’t read or watch anything, you don’t go online, don’t post too much, don’t communicate…When you stop caring about anything and forget all the bullshit you ever thought of, don’t follow any rules, as there are none. That’s not depressing, that’s healing and refreshing. As you cut everything off, you start to pay more attention on the surrounding world, on the nature and most importantly on yourself. You start to see the beautiful clouds in the sky, filled with all the different colors of sunset or sunrise. You hear the sound of wind, the birds, the waves of the sea. You start noticing all the little details you never noticed before. How the waves swim so smoothly around the rocks, and how they clash each other. How the water hugs you and doesn’t let you go from sea. How you are connected to nature, the world and God. How everything you ask receives an answer once you start paying attention. And how God is with you wherever you go and whatever you do. How beautiful and amazing life is. When you clear your mind and soul from daily routines and “dust” you start acknowledging all of this. I wish these moments could last forever. I wish I could just choose the moment, click it and freeze it and re-live it for lots and lots of times. When it is sunny, and you receive sunbathes, swing in the waves, lie on the sand and feel the light breeze on your face. All the four elements complete your existence and give the power and energy they have. Being make-up free, having salty natural curly hair, freckles on the face, good tan and smooth skin. There is no make up that could give all these effects. You feel yourself a sea child, sun child, child of nature, a small but significant part of it. And you don’t even bother yourself thinking about anything else, cause you understand that this is the life, what is happening right here, right now. You don’t listen to music too much, cause the waves are the best melody you could ever hear of. Your photo album is full of nature pics and videos, cause you try somehow to save that moment, to feel what you felt later, but that never works. It only gives you the slightest idea of what actually happened, but not completely and not authentically. But still it’s memories, which keep you warm for a long time, with the recollections of the best times you had…On the island in the sun. Just wanted to save those moments once more through my words and thoughts.


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