Life in your own hands 🤲🏻

So I wanted to talk about this for a while now, I just didn’t have the right mood. Basically, what I want to say is simply this-your life is in your own hands. Yes, I do believe in destiny and that God has a plan for you and everything happens for a reason…but! You always have a choice. Like in all the tests in magazines, when a question has different answers and depending on what answers you’ll choose, you end up with a different result. So there are for instance 4 results, but it’s your choice which you’ll take. The questions here represent some events or situations, the answers stand for our decisions or attitude to these situations and the result is our quality of life. I hope this makes sense, it does in my head. So if you choose the “wrong” answer for yourself, don’t put the blame on everyone else, on God or universe or whoever. That was your selection. I hate when people complain about stuff that they can change. For me, as a viewer of the situation of another person the solution is so simple, and I always try to help people understand the possibility of solving the problem. Unfortunately, most of the time people just want a shoulder to cry on, let out their negative energy and suck out your positive one like vampires. I don’t like that at all. When someone complains to me, I give my everything to help them out, but sometimes my words go ahead, hit the wall and come back to me. And that made me understand that most of the time people don’t need your advice, cause they’re not actually ready to change anything in their lives. Their swamp is bad, but at least they know they have it. They don’t know whether there is another swamp, bigger and better than their ones, or maybe there’s a sea or an ocean. They don’t risk to change their lives. They prefer blaming everyone for their failures rather than taking the risk to success. They live their whole lives in their cages, with stereotypes about everything, and when they find someone who’s free from that cage they try to cut him in and make him one of them. They live with prejudices, they are afraid of new things, of uncertainty, of freedom. They live in a matrix, as my mom always loves to say. The sad part is they don’t understand that they are a part of matrix. They have a horribly wrong system of values, they don’t know what’s important or not, what’s more pleasant and enjoyable for them, what their soul or body really want. They don’t appreciate themselves, don’t think they are worth for something bigger and way better. For something brilliant and magical. But in reality everything is different. Everything that I wrote is wrong. Don’t miss your chances, don’t live with constant negativity and empty dreams, in accomplishing of which you don’t even believe. Live with memories, not dreams, such a good quote. Don’t live from weekend to weekend, or from a holiday to a holiday, spending your precious time at work that most of you don’t even enjoy and don’t get paid good money. Or even if you do, what’s the point of having much money and not living but just surviving and collecting more money? Don’t chase it, it’s not the most important thing in this life. If you don’t like sth, change it. If you don’t like the place you’re at, just move, walk away. If you don’t like a person, don’t be friends with them. When you go to a restaurant and order sth, but it isn’t what you wanted, you’d change it, wouldn’t you? So what’s the difference? Do what you actually love. What makes you feel good and happy. I don’t remember from where I heard this, but this wisdom may help you. Imagine this. You have millions of dollars. You don’t have to work, but you don’t want to sit in your house all day, and want to do something. What would it be? I am certain now, that most people have the greatest dreams out there. To write a book. To become an artist, a swimmer a dancer. To have my own program on TV. To become a vet. This list is endless and so are peoples dreams. Whatever you’ve thought of is your dream job, so go ahead and do it. You can always find excuses to be a looser or a weak person. But you can stand up for what you actually want or believe in. And this isn’t only about jobs. It’s about your whole life, your relationships, your health, your travelings, everything. When you have your own principles about anything, life gets so damn easy you couldn’t even imagine that. When you truly love and respect yourself and your comforts, that’s when everyone and everything magically bend to you. Because everything in this world is energy. When you turn your whole existence into a good and positive and confident energy, you attract even more of that. Don’t go through the path that everyone is going, choose your own path, if there’s no one, make it. I know it can be complicated but the result will be totally worth it. And you’ll like it. Listen to your heart and soul, and you’ll hear the best advice. So just go for it, do what you want and how you want it. Cause life is only in your hands.

p.s. when I write stuff about people in general, I don’t want to say that I am so completely right. No, I made these same mistakes lots of the time, and maybe still do or will do. I wouldn’t change what I did or didn’t in the past cause that made me who I am, but from now on and every day I work on myself and try to learn something new and change sth bad that I had. But it doesn’t make me perfect because I have so many imperfections to work on and improve…



  1. Yep, i’ve been doing that for so many years now and complaining. Finally i realized that either i had to give up on my dream and carry on with this job that i don’t see working out for me long term or put in the effort and chase my dreams. I had the guts to see it through, baby steps. I’m happy now with my overall life. Everything is falling into place, i know it will be time before my efforts reap rewards but i’m patient since i’ve waited so many years. Few more years doesn’t matter but i’m feeling positive about having acknowledged my own B.S and having started atleast.


    • that’s really good, well done! note everyone is having the courage to follow their dream. also it’s great that you realize that things take time, because most people want and immediate result, which sadly is a rare thing. thanks for the comment!

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