Night Owl ๐ŸŒƒ

3:00 o’clock…the city falls asleep, the mafia wakes up…

a sleepless night..I can’t make myself sleep..too many thoughts in my head..thoughts about everything and’s not a problem, not memories..just random thoughts.. I decided to look out of the window, just to breathe some air and try to sleep..but what I feel and see now is more significant than sleeping for now..well first of all, I haven’t seen so many stars in the city for a loong time…because you know, big city problems, smug, dirty air, and no stars…but I think the countless rains in the last month have done their job, the air is finally clean…and I can finally see them, the stars, sparkling in the air, showing off themselves and their mysterious glory…as I have bad eyesight I decided to wear glasses and to see not the scenery I see or imagine to see every day, but the real world…and I can say again, it’s beautiful…you may think, how the world can be seen beautiful when it’s dark and you can’t see a lot…but it is,,I may not see every building or tree or anything but I feel the beauty…and not only by its look…just everything is so perfectly combined together…the stars, the lights of the city far behind, the freshness of night time, the play of wind and tree branches, the sound of chirping grasshoppers, the smell of freedom, full of old memories and the new ones that are ahead of me..the wind now found a new companion to play with, and it’s me, my face…it keeps coming and going away, teasing, showing its power and my dependence on brings one memory from summer 2008 and takes it away,,then it gives a autumn 2009 memory, and so on and so forth…it makes me feel nostalgic of great times, of my childhood and early teenage years, but it also makes me feel excited for everything makes me feel infinite, grateful for everything I have, for my life, for this world..for the ability to look out of the window and see and feel what I feel now…to understand the true beauty of life…not the buildings or statues made by humans, but what God created..something that is pure and perfect and can never be replaced…I start to think about small things, like a dodgeball game we used to play, or mafia or volleyball, but I also become a philosopher thinking about everything eternal and superior thing in the universe compared to us, mortals…but what is more important is that I feel genuinely happy at this moment..even if my eyes are sore and I’m tired and sleepy, still I feel happy…not because of something special or extraordinary…though it really is special, what I feel money can buy this feeling and I wouldn’t exchange it for anything..I reckon that everyone who will read this will find it a nonsense and absurd, but I know what I mean..I feel it, deep inside my heart and soul.. and that’s what important..the only thing missing from this masterpiece is my old and dear friend- the moon. she would be the last piece of puzzle of this magnificent scenery..I envy the night animals, who are awake every night and enjoy it..though I consider myself as a night owl, but it doesn’t count…


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