When Hogwarts is Home ♥️

Yes, I know perfectly well, that I already wrote two blogs about Harry Potter, but here I am, writing another one, because it’s never enough. So today is (was actually, as it’s past midnight now) May 2, 20th anniversary of Battle of Hogwarts. I’ve been rewatching the last movies for the last couple of days, and today I watched the last one 7.2. Can you imagine now all my emotions flooding inside me? I just wanted to write not for anyone to read, but for me to ease my thoughts, otherwise I won’t be able to sleep tonight.

I think I’ve said this for millions of times but I am so freaking grateful to Harry and Jo of course. They changed me. Maybe even for the worse, who knows. Maybe if there was no HP and magic in my life, it’d be much easier. Easier to adapt to this normal world, easier to live and socialize. But I don’t care, I love who I am now and that’s why I am eternally thankful to them. And I know there are lots of fans who started to hate Jo because of many reasons, but I don’t care. I won’t care even if she kills someone. She is forever the person who brought something special and important to my life.

As I said already the world of HP is a shelter for me. I can remember my hardest times, when I couldn’t sleep because of the thoughts and fears haunting me, and the sound of rain outside and the imagination of being in Hogwarts, Gryffindor’s common room always calmed and comforted me. It has always been a safe place for me to hide from problems and anxiety, to feel sad or happy, to feel mysterious, to read, learn and so much more. I always imagined my room as the Gryffindor’ common room. Warm, cozy atmosphere, candles etc. When I was doing my boring lessons, I imagined myself writing about Potion lesson stuff. The teacher who doesn’t like me was my Snape, or Ambridge. Harry and the others were to be my friends, Mcgonagall the best teacher always willing to help. Having walks around the Hogwarts grounds, with all the sunshine, or rainy weather, nature and fresh air. Exploring the hidden places of the castle with the Marauders Map. Going to Hogsmeade. Just chilling. Visiting Hagrid. Sitting on the lush green grass and doing homework. And even if it’s all happening inside my head, why on earth should that mean that it is not real? Got it?

I learn a lot from HP. Even my mom who didn’t like it and didn’t approve my obsession to it confirmed that there are lots of hidden messages, lessons, philosophy and psychology in the simple lines of the books and movies. Face your fears and laugh at them, only then they will go away. The best remedy against the depression are light and happy memories and chocolate ofc. The ones who love us, are always with us in our hearts. Even if these people are fictional. They are always with you and ready to help. Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times if you remember to turn on the light. These and so much more are from HP. I always thought that the best way to show the reality of this world is through fantasy. But I’m getting far again.

I just can’t help but imagine myself in the common room now, writing all this with my feather on a piece of parchment, the Weasley brothers pranking others, Harry and Ron complaining about homework and Snape, Hermione and Ginny talking some girly stuff. And I know they’re all right next to me. I feel safe. I feel cozy and happy. I feel magical. That’s what really matters. And I know that whenever it’s needed, I can always come here, my imaginary shelter to feel this way. ♥️

P.s.-the soundtracks of the movie and the game Hogwarts Mystery have added to my Potterhead’ inspiration today. And remember: Hogwarts is always there to welcome you home.


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