The Time of Dawn 🏙🍃

I adore this time. Dawn. Right before sunrise. Before everyone wakes up and life begins again. No people, no cars, noises. Only the mild sound of birds, the sound of wind and trees moving, almost the perfect silence of the world and nature. The only time of the day when you feel all alone with this world. When the nature heels you like the best medicine. When your spirit rises. When you get inspired. When you feel a special connection to nature, like you belong to something higher and more powerful. And you feel like you are not in the place you really are. You are somewhere else, far far away, you are the place your heart desires, the place of your imagination. You can be somewhere in the mountains or forest, an isolated place when you’re on your own.It’s like a dream, but much cooler because you can create it. Looking at the little piece of nature that is left in the multi-building city, you can imagine and live your perfect life. With magic and mystery. How I love the mystery of the earth. When you seek to find it everywhere, in every little corner, possible or impossible. And now I don’t want this feeling to end. I want to feel that I’m the only one on this planet for now, that only I can enjoy the perks of dawn. Like only I know its secret. The secret of the perfect chill time. With birds singing just for me, trying to make the perfect soundtrack of this time. Even the ravens croak is present now, making a better sense of mystery for me. The wind playing with the leaves of the tree and my hair, slowly and gently. The mist which slightly covers all the imperfections of the scenery and adds magic to the whole atmosphere. The air that smells much better than any perfume in the world. The smell of freshness, awakening and nature. And now also the sweet smell of bread bakery at the corner which makes me really hungry now. But I don’t care about the food. It’s my dream, which is sadly coming to its end. The cars start to pass by every now and then, the sun is rising, people wake up. My perfect time is slipping through my fingers and I can’t hold it. Still it was one of the best dreams I’ve had.

Love waking up early. It’s like I was given the chance of capturing this little period of heaven. The chance of gaining energy and freshening up my mind and my soul. Seeing that beauty will always exist no matter what. And now it’s time to go back to bed and cuddle up in a warm blanket because it’s freaking freezing which is cool and great for some time but now I can barely move my hands and fingers. Goodbye dawn, we’ll meet up again very soon.


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