Birthday Harmony 🎈

Starting the blogs of 2018 with great positivity. So first of all, happy new year 🎊. And second of all, it’s my birthday yaay 🎈

I really don’t know why I am writing this now, because I don’t have much to say. I just want to make this birthday mood and vibes remembered. This year was probably the first year, when I didn’t want my birthday to end.I am literally getting upset when I look at the clock and I see the last minutes of this day passing by. I mean I still had some great ones, but I don’t know why, this one feels somehow special. Maybe because I wasn’t in a hurry, or thoughts and usual birthday stress, what to wear, how to celebrate it, with whom and bla bla bla. I felt harmony and peace in my soul. I didn’t connect my birthday with some external stuff, it’s just a great day for my heart and soul. And I just let everything happen the way it supposed to. I wasn’t waiting for anyone to congratulate me at midnight, and wasn’t thinking about who congratulated me or not. It’s my day. I was born on this day. I was lucky enough to live through my birthday 21 times. And I know that the universe is open for me today. I mean it’s open every day, but today I have that special kind of connection with it. That’s why wishes are so important this day. With wishes or affirmations, you can change your life on your birthday. But first of all you have to be grateful, yes again grateful. And I am. I am really lucky to have the people around me, who can spend this day with me, or can congratulate me and I know that it’s sincere. And I am eternally grateful for all of these, my life, my people, the chance of waking up every day and do something, change something, and for so much more.

Once again, I write this to remember this good day, which sadly just came to its end. But I’m sure that things will be good from this day, and will get better with every next birthday of mine.

And yes, I’m 21, but I still had lots of balloons, a few of which I bought for myself because why not 🤩


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