Portuguese Memories πŸ‡΅πŸ‡Ή

To any of you, who ask me how was your trip, and I only answer “it was good” because I can’t explain myself verbally that good. This long blog is the answer to all your questions. Enjoy!

You know God really loved one nation because of the wonderful nature and positive and great atmosphere that they have. Such case is Portugal. They say that beautiful souls don’t live in ugly vessels. And this is soo true and not only for people. Bad people can’t have such a powerful country. By saying powerful I don’t mean strong or rich or anything, I mean the powerful energy the country has.

Though most of the days I spent in Portugal were cloudy and windy, it couldn’t stop the country from shining. You know I don’t only pay attention to beautiful buildings and statues, though I love them a lot. I pay attention to the atmosphere and aura of the place. And in Lisbon it was so calm, so peaceful and bright even on a gloomy day. That was the first thing I noticed about it, its bright aura, which makes you love the city automatically. I don’t want to be repetitive and praise all the magnificent colorful buildings, wide streets etc, because I think my love for them is very distinctive. The second thing I noticed about Lisbon, is that it looks like a cartoon. And not any cartoon, but a specific one. “Kiki’s delivery service”. And it’s not even that I loved that cartoon much, I feel relaxed watching it, because it’s a beautiful cartoon with a cozy little city on the sea bay, with little streets and crossroads, colorful trams. The same is Lisbon, and it makes me love it even more, because suddenly I feel like in that kind and nice cartoon. So if you love it, you’re definitely gonna love Lisbon. The feeling of little and coziness and peace is so important for me. I’m not a metropolis kind of a person, I don’t feel comfortable or safe in big cities. So Lisbon was perfect. I think I could easily live there because everything is so friendly and warm. By the way, there weren’t too much people in there, which is a huuge advantage for me, let’s say not a very sociable person. Unfortunately I didn’t feel like it was my motherland, though I’d love to have that feeling, like the one I had in Austria. But still it was the place I could live happily ever after. There was another city we visited called Sintra. The same I said about Lisbon I will say about this city. It was a city in the forest, as our guide would say, along with the world “earthquake”, which I swear he said thousand times in one day. The whole city was mysterious and people thought there was definitely something magical or mystical in there some years ago. There was also an antique house in Sintra, which was considered as a witch’s house. Can you imagine my excitement? I decided to move there, so I have a question for you. Does any of you need a kidney? Cause I might be selling some to move to there…Just kidding,,or not? 😈

The nature of Portugal should be a whole other chapter. You know when you have a whole day of tour and you walk a lot, and climb a lot, you gotta be tired at the end of the day. But the energy of the nature was so great and powerful, that we all didn’t feel tired at all. Indeed we felt more energetic than ever. That’s one thing I really value in people. They don’t touch their nature. They don’t build thousands of restaurants or hotels in there, they don’t cut the trees, everything remains the same and they always take care of their great forests, despite of being a poor country. There was a huge place that the masons built years ago, and a house of alchemist that used to live there. I am obsessed with all this kind of things, so I could stay there for days, examining every stone and every little tower or chapel, and hoping that something mysterious would happen with me.

And the most memorable part. We went to the world’s end. Actually it was Europe’s end, it just sounds better as the world’s end, like in POTC. It was the place where Europe ends and on the other side was America, which sadly wasn’t seen. And of course the ocean, with its powerful waves. And again I can’t not praise the perfection of nature. I really could stare at every single wave of the ocean sitting on the rocks of the cliffs. When I look at such a masterpiece, everything else feels not important. Every bad thing suddenly fades away and you can only think of greater and higher things than all these mortal problems. The waves hitting the cliff with all their strength but so peacefully. It’s still the most fascinating combination that sea or ocean has. The power and calmness and peace at the same time. And it was almost sunset, which made everything more beautiful and outstanding. I was expecting to see the green flash when the sun went down, which of course didn’t happen, and I probably need to watch less fantasy movies and mixing them with reality. Anyway the ocean was more than great and overwhelming, I just don’t have the rights words to describe it.

It feels like I’ve never written any longer blogs, I think this one breaks all the records. But still I could write more and more, describing every single street and tree of that country. I’m a weird person, I know that and I totally accept it. But hold on, there are still photos, so if there is a person who still reads this and hasn’t turned it off since the beginning, enjoy the memories of my lovely Portugal πŸ‡΅πŸ‡Ή πŸ’›



  1. You wrote beautifully about Portugal. I so enjoyed reading it, as well as admiring your photographs. It’s wonderful when someone can appreciate the beauty found in a gloomy day. I think a city really shows itself best in the rain and grey days more so than in the distracting sunny days. Although, sunny days are good, too!


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