Time Switched off 💆🏼

What is the best time of the day? I can’t say for everyone, but for me it is the time spent with my own self. In this crazy life we all need time to distress and recharge if we can say so. In the old times (and again I am talking as a 70 years old grandma) people used to spend their spare time more fun and efficient for themselves. Now with all the technology with the easy access in your hands, you can’t really switch off and go offline. I remember how many years ago, I was spending evenings reading books, drawing, listening to music, dancing etc. It’s not that I don’t do these things anymore but I don’t do them as often as I’d want to. Now people spend most of their times online, reading news and stupid rumors, watching other people’s photos and posts, videos and other stuff like that. We think that we had a time off and we were resting. And then wonder why are we always tired and stressed out. Why we get more tired during the weekend. Because the whole time spent online isn’t relaxing or beneficial for both our bodies and minds. I realized the absurd of my life only yesterday when I turned off my phone and just have the me time. And now I really would like to share some inspiration on how to distress and have some time for yourselves.

1. Your own corner. Create it, make it comfortable, calm and cozy. Light some candles, put fairy-lights, it’s not only a Christmas thing. Decorate it however you want, keep some plants or gemstones. The most essential part of the relax time is the atmosphere that you create. When you have your tidy peaceful little corner you automatically feel calm and ready to recharge your energy.

2. Be offline. Not only just mute your phones or tablets, turn everything off, the wifi, 3g, everything. When you constantly get notifications or messages you get tempted to look at your phone for only a second, which obviously lasts longer than the Hobbit movies all together. You can put some music on or even a meditation or nature melodies to calm your thoughts or nerves.

3. All by yourself. And now the best part- the relax time itself. Do whatever you like, whatever you have wanted to do for a long time but never had a chance to make it. Start a diary, draw something, play music, do scrapbooking, look through some magazines or old photos, take a bath, do some cleanup in your drawers. Just lie down and dream. Imagine the best and even unrealistic things that could have happened to you, imagine the perfect and magical life that you want to have. They say that dreams are dangerous. They often come true. Work on yourself. Learn a new language, do workouts, dance, try to make your intuition better, meditate, write down or repeat some great affirmations about what you want to improve or have or get rid of. Or just go for a short walk in the neighborhood to clean your mind and breathe fresh air.

And my favorite part. Read a book. The best way to escape every day problems and thoughts or just life. If you read before sleep you will calm your thoughts, and you will only think of a book, forgetting all the bullshit that you usually think of before sleeping. I don’t want to write about reading and books too much, because if I start, I’m afraid I won’t be able to stop.

I think it’s everything that I wanted to share. I know that I didn’t open an America or invented a bicycle, but sometimes we all forget the simple truth or just have the lack of motivation to do the things we already knew. Always think of your mind and your body first. If we won’t take care of ourselves, who will? Recharge your “batteries” so you can go on with the rushing life and don’t get tired, with the thought of the cozy switched off time you’ll have after a long stressful day.


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