Autumn touches 🍁

I feel like I haven’t written light inspirational blogs for decades, and I really missed it.

As you may or may nor know, I’m obsessed with nature, with beautiful sceneries, changing season etc. And when it comes to autumn, especially October, which btw is the most favorite season of mine, my obsession may be a little bit too much. My room looks like a gallery of autumn, and so does my IG page. I stare for minutes at every beautiful tree and talk about it forever. This whole month is like a big holiday for me, when I’m excited about everything going on around. I know that most of the people don’t like fall, because of cold and dark days, “autumn depression”, schools/unis, exams and so on… And I want to change it somehow, and like an advocate show you all the reasons why you should love autumn too. So let’s go 🍂

1.The nature<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
e a whole blog or two to this topic. I know that life is busy, but just stop for a moment and look around and start to admire the masterpiece you see. Everything is so wonderful in autumn, every tree with its unique bright colors, the falling and crunchy leaves, the weather with rainstorms and wind, the crispy air in the mornings. I wouldn’t change a tree to anything created by humans, cause nothing can compare to what God created. Just look yourselves.

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2. Sweater weather and more<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
er clothing than warm knitted sweaters. Or big bright scarves. And what’s the best time to wear them? I know you can wear them in winter too, but I am now praising fall, so forget about it.


3. Cozy rainy day.<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
verts and me ofc. Imagine, the rain dropping on your window, you are cuddling in a blanket, with a tea or coffee, and a book or movie. Or just staring out of the window, looking on the world like a stranger and enjoying your time. Nothing could be better and more beneficial than staying with yourself, with your thoughts, relaxing and just doing what you like.

4. Halloween

Last but definitely not the least. The time to be in the spooky and mysterious mood, eat lots of junk food, watch the same old magical movies and host Jack o Lantern in your room for almost 2 weeks. As a strong believer in all the supernatural stuff, I always wait for sth mysterious to happen. And I always seek to see sth magical in this mortal world, to try to bring the mystery to the normal life🎃

There are much more reasons to love autumn, but these are the main ones for me. As soon as you start paying attention to all the little but magnificent things that surround you, you will start to see more and more positive and beautiful things in your life. You will enjoy all the lovely and warm autumn touches, and your daily ordinary life will be as bright as all the trees during fall. 💛🍁


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