Square Minds ▪️▫️

Do you know what square is? No, not the one in maths or the central part of the city. It is a whole phenomenon, which my mom, and now me too love to call the squares, or square minds. It is when people lock themselves in the tiny squares, with only four walls and angles and live inside of them. When they don’t want to try or do sth new, sth they haven’t done before, whether it’s a new dish to try or new place to go, whatever. These squares are everywhere, in their mentality, worldview, way of life. These are all the prejudices or persuasions or beliefs that we have. The problem is that not everyone understands that he lives in a small blocked room. I have these squares too. I had lots of them, but now I’m trying to get rid of them because they do nothing but hurt you or your lives. In one big square there are plenty other ones, smaller ones. And each of them has a list of must-s and rules, what to do, what to say, how to act etc. It’s like a to-do list for our lives, what to do before we die. And the sad part is that we don’t write the things we really want to do, but what the society and the life wants us to do. Kinder-garden, school, university ( even if you still haven’t decided what you want to study, who cares, you finished school and you have to go the next level), then high grades( even if you learn nothing), engagement, marriage ( even if you don’t want do, but you’re already dating for a year, so it’s a shame not to marry), a ‘good’ job ( work work work like an office rat from 9-7 ), then children, grandchildren and then oops, you die. Great isn’t it? I know that most of the people won’t understand me. I don’t mean that you must not do everything written above. You just have to do it right, to choose what you really want to do, and live the life you want. And whenever someone’s trying to get out of this system, everybody treat them like a madman. Like wow, there’s a creepy person who doesn’t want to marry or work or go to the same path as the others. Kill him! I don’t want to sound like an old grandma, but what is wrong with this generation? You look at the teenagers, young boys and girls, and you don’t see the life inside of them, you don’t see the flickering light of life. Seems like the dementors suck everything out of them, and now there are just robotized vessels walking around. You see plenty of selfies with fake smiles, and when you close the smile with your hand and look at the eyes, you can only see emptiness or sadness. You see grown up students cry because of a bad grade, which actually isn’t that bad, it’s just not the highest one. There are so many things that I notice every day and every time I still get a little shocked. And I always wonder am I the strange one, or the others? When life is outside the windows of the classroom, and instead of going out, feeling the sunshine on you, walking and having fun chats with your friends, you want to sit in the classroom until the very last minute and show the teacher that you’re the best, is it normal? I am always in the mood of “must be living in a wrong generation”. I want to go outside or even stay at home but I want to do what makes me feel really happy. I want to enjoy every single thing, or moment. To rejoice every season, every holiday, every meeting with friends. I want to break free from the square and to make great memories every day. To learn and explore and try something new and interesting. There are so many things that we don’t know about. I don’t want to find one job and stick to it forever. I want to learn different things. I don’t want anything materialistic to define me as a happy or unhappy person. And I want the same for everybody else. I want them to understand the absurd of this limited life, or to realize that besides these squares there is a big whole world, that we need to discover. But I think this is already from a fantasy genre…

P.s. To clear everything up- I don’t want to say that I am here the perfect one without any flaws, or that I am the best and everyone else suck, no. I also have plenty of squares, and I do mistakes and maybe I really am the madman or that creepy person…I just want to write down my thoughts, again with the purpose of self-observation, or just the observation of people and life in general. And I want to inspire at least someone to change their lives and live happily ever after.


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