Wave after wave 🌊

Sea. Magnificent and wonderful sea. I know that I’m old for stuff like this, but I really want to become a mermaid. To live under the sea, to live and breathe it. So much calmness and power in its waves. I don’t envy people, but I sometimes envy the nature. How perfect it is. And I’m looking at the same sea I was looking at 4 years ago. How much has changed. I have changed, but the sea hasn’t. But there is still a part of me that is still the same and probably will never change. The inspired and hopeful child inside me was living then and is living now. And looking at something that hasn’t changed for years, I see my life then and now. All the changes, self-development. All the mistakes, imperfections, improvements, the process of becoming more mature. But there is so much more to life and growing.

The sea changes me, honestly. Wave after wave comes it, touches me physically and in my heart. And I start not to care. Don’t give a crap about anything I was so worried about some time ago. It just calms me. It makes me wiser and more confident. It feels like I meet a part of me, that I lost in this rushing life. When I swing on the waves, when I lose control over my body and mind, trusting the water is the best thing in the world. It’s like accepting yourself and trusting life to take you wherever you are meant to be. It’s like freezing the moment and just seeing the world from the point of view of a stranger, who doesn’t have anything to think or worry about. It’s like reincarnation. Water always helps. It always heals. You just have to trust it, listen to the sound of the waves coming and going, just like everything in life. Nothing is eternal. Everything fades away. But not the sea for me. Not its memories and the sound of the waves. Not a part of me. It stays and grows stronger and deeper. And every time I change, just like wave after wave… 🌊

P.s. Sorry for the following spam of sea photos, it’s so beautiful I can’t stop. 💙




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