Face to face with God 🌟

People who know how to listen, will always hear the answers.

I hate when people think that they are the only responsible ones for their lives. When they think they can control everything going on in their lives. They believe in God, but their faith is connected with artificial religion, which was created by people. They don’t believe in destiny or that their lives is already planned way before they were born. Everything we do now, it’s mostly not our choice. I don’t talking about which muffin to eat, which top to wear, but about great life choices. We are just the puppets of God. Well, not the puppets, it was kind of rude, but we are parts of God. Everyone has a part of God in themselves, which is called the soul or spirit. And don’t consider God to be an old man with long white beard and white dress. You are confusing him with Gendalf. God is energy. Universal energy, which created everything, including us. What are we? Energies. So we are a part of the universe in the same way as our finger is a part of our body. Why I am describing everything in details, is because it will help to understand my main saying. The Universe or God controls us the same way as we control our fingers. But here is a great but. Sometimes we rebel, and stray from the plan. That’s when we completely change our lives and not for the goodness. We will eventually come back to our drawed life way, but we will suffer way too much and we will have lots of problems and troubles. But we are still not alone. When we need something, we can always connect with God, and ask him to help us. God never lets us alone. Our problems, bad situations are just lessons that we need to learn and then to pass the exam of it. So when I say those who will listen will always hear the answers, I mean if you turn to God with your thoughts, problems, questions, you will always find his help, if you pay attention. Don’t seek for God in churches. He is everywhere and most importantly he is in ourselves. When you ask him not to just solve your problems with a magic wand (this time you’re mixing him with Dumbledoor dears), if you ask him to help you pass your lesson or exam of life more easily, or to help you understand the main reason of your problem, he will definitely not make you wait too long. 

And again. Personal experience. When I have something on my mind, something that isn’t necessarily a big problem I always find something that I feel that it’s God speaking with me face to face. It’s either a conversation with family or friends, lines in movie or book, or in this case homework. Whatever. So here’s how it goes. I asked for help. He gave me. And now it’s my decision whether to accept and pay attention to it or not. If I don’t, I can’t later complain that God never helped me. In this case he will just throw a heavy brick on me and kill me off. Just kidding. 

And this is what I understand. God always helps. It’s people, who don’t always accept it. God isn’t guilty of us being idiots. We are. Just believe, it’s the best thing you can do. Don’t connect your faith with religion or anything. It is something that is inside you, nothing external can change or improve it. Dive deep inside of you, and you will find a whole new greater word.


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