Secrets and Lies ✖️

I’ve been thinking recently…what is the main problem of the human race? Well, maybe not the main problem, but one of the most important ones. And I realized, it’s all about the lies. It’s the lies that we tell our family, friends, society, the world, and most importantly ourselves. Since childhood we learn that it isn’t always good to tell the truth, because of many reasons. Don’t tell your parents about the broken vase or bad grades because they can be mad at you. Don’t tell your friend that you don’t actually like her new dress, because it will upset her. Examples here are countless. As we grow up, the lies grow up with us, they can become more serious. We lie, because we are too afraid. Afraid of judgement,  bad response, not understanding, which all lead to the greatest fear of being alone. People are afraid that if we tell the truth, our close people will leave us, will not talk to us anymore. And that’s the problem. Someone told us in childhood that it isn’t too bad to lie, and we keep lying in our whole lives. These lies later become secrets which we have to remember perfectly to correspond to what we’ve said a week or month ago. And these secrets become the burden that we carry through our life and which makes us unhappy. 

After thinking more about this. I also realized that we lie because we ourselves are not ready to hear the truth. Sometimes we ask the question and we want to hear what our hearts want, not the other person’s real opinion. We want to hear that we look good, that our new clothes are beautiful. We are afraid of our close people being mad at us even when we know that it won’t be forever. We would rather hear that our friend is sick than that he is just not in the mood of going out. And sometimes people lie so much, that they stop believing the truth. They can’t believe that you actually don’t feel good, if they have told this same lie a hundreds of times. They can’t believe that you truly love their new photo or dress. Isn’t this all pathetic? People live in lies and they don’t see the way to escape. In fact, this all feels normal and they don’t even want to find that ‘exit’.

The most awful part is when we start lying to ourselves. It is mostly when we don’t do what we like, but we persuade ourselves, that we actually like it. We actually want to marry someone not because we don’t want to stay alone, but because we truly love them. We want to study because we really know what we want in life and want to learn it, not because everyone else keeps saying that we should study. And so on. And that’s how people start faking their lives. Fake favorite jobs. fake relationships or friendships, fake happiness. Everything is done not to stay alone, not to be different, not to be judged. And then we complain about everything that we have in our lives and say that this world and our lives suck.

But imagine the world without all the secrets and lies. Not even the white ones. Not even the lies to yourself. Everything would be so much easier if everyone told the truth. If you don’t want to tell the truth, just don’t say anything at all, it is better than lying. I can’t tell now that I don’t lie at all. I mean sometimes you just can’t stop it. You can’t say to a teacher that you don’t care about his/her lesson or subject, so you have to make something up. But in other cases I just stopped lying and stopped caring about the side effects. And though at first it was strange and a little awkward , and people sometimes didn’t understand me. Like why do you want to stay home and chill when you can go out? But throughout time they will understand. They will accept you with all your weird things and will respect you even more for your sincerity. And those who won’t believe and understand are not your kind of people. Or just they can’t see the world without lies.

So, to make our lives easier and more pleasant we can all start saying the truth without any fears. Let’s be frank. And first of all to ourselves. I will start. If someone asks me to choose betwen a close person or a ticket to Hogwarts…I’m sorry, I don’t have time to  talk, I gotta go pack my stuff for Hogwarts. 



  1. Awesome! I extremely agree with you. I think the modern world is build on a lie, because sometimes it makes our lives easier. But yeah, we should try to be honest at least to yourselves.

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