Sweet Summertime 🌻

Who has a lot of things to study for  upcoming exams and still re-reads ‘Dandelion Wine’ and gets super excited for summer? Yaay, me ! Honestly, I hate the weather in summer, because it’s too damn hot, but the fact that there are no lessons and exams and plenty of spare time to do anything you want really fascinates me.  

For me summer doesn’t necessarily begin on first June. It can begin earlier or a bit later. As in ‘Dandelion Wine’ summer has its own rutine for me. When you feel it’s actually summer and not from the calendar. No. You know it from the birds singing early in the morning, from the light fresh breeze that makes you feel really cool, from all these fruits and vegetables that become your everyday meal. You know it’s summer, when you hear children playing and making noises in the yard, or when the neighbors get together to play cards, or just talk and laugh. And though all this noise sometimes  drives you crazy, you still enjoy it, because it’s summer, it’s a part of it. When everyone gets out to their balconies and put the chairs to sit there in the evenings and feel the atmosphere of freedom. It’s when you make crazy plans with your friends, and sometimes you don’t even fulfill all of them, but still it’s fun, because you have something to share together, to dream together, that’s what matters the most. It’s the time when you write bucket lists for your holidays and share them with your friends and family. You find new recipes to make something from the yummy fruits, you make lists of movies and books, or think about all the things you can do to make this summer unforgettable.

My favorite part is when you stay up all night, listening to old and new songs, or just to the sound of grasshoppers. You feel the smell of summer-nights, and don’t you dare to tell me these nights don’t have a smell, because they do. They smell like freedom, like life, like memories. All the memories that you’ve had through years, they are all collected in songs and the air of summer-nights.  And you feel how much you and the world have changed. You are not a little kid anymore, playing games all day long. But somehow you are still the same. With the great expectations and dreams, with the same positive and full of love attitude towards the upcoming summer, life or world. You live a whole life throughout a night. You see how a city fells asleep, becomes silent and hush for a while and then wakes up with the dawn. The birds begin to sing again, the sun rises, and everything starts all over again with new energy.

I wonder if everyone has the same routine for their summers. Or just other routine, does everyone have it? When they feel the summer and everything connected with it. The sun, the flowers, the wind, which makes you feel like in a paradise after a hot day. Does everyone have the evening walks and highly psychological conversations with friends till midnight? Or the lazy days with great movies ice-cream and popcorn? Or the expectation to jump into the pool just to chill, or to get out of the city even for an hour, just to breathe fresh air and get away from rushing city? I’m lucky that I do. Like a child I always expect something great and magical from the summer. And it never disappoints me. That sweet summertime. 🌞❣️



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