Spring changes 🌿

If you’re waiting for a sign to do something, or start something, this is it, this is your sign.

One of the flaws of all people, is that we are always waiting for something and putting off our lives, dreams and goals.  We wait for a better moment, better opportunity and so on, while our days are just disappearing, leaving only the memories of unfulfilled dreams. But in reality all we have is now, and we should start living our dreams and not only dreaming them. And though we can change our lives at any moment, spring is the best time for doing it. Personally, spring is my most favorite season, along with summer, autumn and winter. Oh wait, but there’s only four of the seasons,,,exactly! I love seeing how the nature changes, how the trees grow, blossom and then say goodbye to their leaves for a while. The more I grow up, the more I feel the connection of me and nature. I don’t want to be like all the humans, with their “busy heads and problems”. I want to be like nature. Always in a harmony, in peace, concentrating on my inner self, my real dreams, my soul and my intuition. Why I say that spring is the best time for changes, is because only now people can see, that even after autumn storms and wind, and cold snowy winter days, everything goes back to normal. The grass grows, flowers bloom as though there were no cold autumn and winter in their lives. It’s a normal, natural cycle. After some great times and achievements you can face some disappointments and failures, but it’s not a reason to give up, to think that life is over and you are not able to change anything. I hate when people say, I can’t change anything. Hell no. If you really want to, you will. You can stop thinking about difficulties, prejudices, people’s opinions and start living your life the way you want. 

Again, one of the good features of the nature is the concentration on itself. I mean, we, people, always compare ourselves to others, and not in a good way. We think that the others are better, smarter or more beautiful than us. We have created some stereotypes in our dumb heads, and want to correspond to them, when in reality, all the stereotypes and definitions are illusions. Just imagine two different types of trees, or animals, thinking that they are not as good as the other one, and start to imitate each other. A rose trying to look like a lilac, or an elephant, trying to look like a wolf. Funny, isn’t it? And we do the same. And yes, I can compare people to nature and animals, because we are all the same. Some with greater intelligence than the others, but still the same. And guess what? We are not the ones with greater intelligence in this case. 

Just stop whatever you are doing and look out of the window or go outside alone. Look at all the trees and bushes and flowers. Try to feel them, feel your connection to them. See how beautiful and peaceful they are. How they enjoy the drops of the rain. How they gain energy from the sun. How the rain washes away all the negative and dirty stuff, giving a clear fresh start to everything. How the Sun warmes us and gives us light and life. How the clouds swim peacefully in the sky, how beautiful and mild, but at the same time, how powerful they are. And remember that we are also the same. We can stop comparing us to other people with their flaws, and start paying more attention to the flawless great nature and try to change the negative and bad that we have. We are a part of nature. If we shut up all the stupid thoughts that our brain is creating for us, we will hear our soul and our heart’s desire. We will finally find our real selves. And that’s what the true meaning of this life is.



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