Where’s the world I used to live in? 🌍

Today was one of my nostalgic days, looking through the old photos and remembering everything. And I discovered for myself a very important thing. This world isn’t the same anymore. Primitive? Yeah, everyone says that, but I don’t think everyone really gets that. People used to be so much happier, brighter and lighter (in both senses of the word) than they are now. People knew how to live, how to have fun. When I was a child, there weren’t such luxurious cars and houses and phones and so on, everything was simple, and poorer, but it seems like people didn’t care about that. When it snowed, for example, nobody was complaining that much. They didn’t think about the inconvenience or  dirt, everyone was going outside and playing, and I am not talking about the kids only. I am talking about the same adults that now behave themselves like Scrooges. And people were less careless, but much simpler and kinder. Everyone’s houses were almost the same, little, old, but really warm and cozy, because you could feel the spirit of the home, and not just a house where people just eat and sleep. I look through the pictures of birthdays, New Years, or just gatherings, and I see the sincere joy, how people enjoyed their time, sitting and talking about stuff, dancing or playing sth. Now everything is compulsory. To go to someone’s birthday not because you want to, but because you have to, it’s not polite and rude and bla bla bla. Because people forgot what it means to have real fun. Because whenever you try to make a conversation it usually begins with complaining and negativity. People are becoming robots, machines, that have some functions in their frames and they must do them. 

I really miss that times, and I really pity the fact, that we can’t turn time back and have now what we had before. And I’m looking through the photos…2000, 2003, 2006, 2008, 2010 and so on.. Everything is becoming newer, more beautiful, more luxurious, the houses the streets the cars. And in the contrary, people are becoming sadder more depressed and you can totally see that on their faces, the unhappy faces, like they have the world’s problem. And that’s the thing. That’s what I understood. People and their lives are getting richer, while the persons and their souls are getting poorer. And the worst part is that it is unalterable. Even if you try to live, let’s say, out of this material world, it will not change the whole world. 

And every time I am getting more sure that happiness is not money. It’s not wealth, it’s not the new iphone 7, which, in fact is almost the same damn thing as iphone 6. And if someone “is the happiest person in this world” because he/she got the new iphone, or a car for example,  I am really sorry for that person because he/she doesn’t know what is real happiness. Of course it’s great to get happy for everything, even for a chocolate for instance, but you can’t connect your happiness with materialistic stuff. It feels like I am repeating the same thing over and over again, but that’s what’s going on in my head now, and I think I could write volumes on this subject. 

Happiness is so simple. It’s inside us, inside every single one of us. And it’s the highest level of absurd   trying to find it somewhere else, connect it with someone or something, while in reality it lives in our souls. I really hope that everyone would understand that and stop the process of robotization, just thinking about money, how to get it, how to keep it, how not to lose it. You will not have money when you die, but you’ll have your souls. Don’t let them die before your bodies do. 

P.S. when I say everything or everyone I don’t literally mean it, I am really happy that there are still many exceptions. It’s just easier to speak with generalization.


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