Christmas Throwback 🎄

The 19th Christmas of my life. The last one of my teenage years. How fast time flies. It feels like yesterday, when I was getting ready for the previous Christmas. I started remembering all decembers, all New Years that I have had, and I wanted to share my nostalgic mood ❄️

Christmas and New Year were always my favorite holidays, I loved them even more than my birthday. I really loved looking how the city got decorated with all the lights and christmas trees. I loved watching the same movies like Home alone and I never got tired of them. I always loved decorating the house, I always had some ideas of decorations, which I thought were really cool, but now, as I look over the old photos, I really laugh at myself and my decorating skills as I was a child. Writing a letter to Santa Claus, and than waiting for him to appear. Spying on my parents, trying to see whether they put the Santa’s presnet under the tree or not.Getting something that I wanted for a long time was one of my favorite things. But in reality, it wasn’t about the presents.I loved them, of course, but it’s not what I remember now, what I got. I remember how I was searching in the house for my presents, when my parents weren’t home, but even after finding them, I never opened them, because it would ruin the excitement. I remember ‘stealing’ my mother’s make-up, and re-presenting her her own lipstick, for instance, how clever I was. And I always made cards, which made my parents really happy. I remember the smell of burned candles, of citruses and fake snow. How we always create some games to play with our guests, and our home-parties were the best ones. How we always dressed up something funny, and dance and sing. And how we play snowballs and made a snowman not only with children, but also with adults, who, btw, enjoyed playing more than us. I am very lucky to have such amazing memories, because in the end all we really have is memories, so we should try to live the perfect life, to have then the perfect memories. A lot has changed since I was a child. Now we don’t play games with our guests anymore, or dress up, because everybody seems to be tired with these holidays and everything. People make Christmas only about eating and presents. They don’t enjoy the spirit of the holiday, which makes me really sad. When I was a child, we didn’t have everything that we have now. Nobody did. There were a lot of things that were hard to find and to buy, but still, the holidays of that times were real, were merry, and bright. I am really glad that my family still enjoys  Christmas and has some traditions or habits connected with it. One thing that hasn’t changed for me, is the fact that I still love and enjoy and believe in Christmas as I did as a child. And it’s not about Christmas only, it is the attitude towards life. How we picture everything, the same way we get it. 

And I don’t know how, but memories make me both happy and sad at the same time, and I’m still trying to figure out how that could be (I feel you, Charlie). But I still smile whenever I remember something, which I think is a good sign. Never let your inner child die. Rejoice everything good, and all the bad things will not be so important anymore. 

And it’s still too early to write Merry Christmas, isn’t it? 🎅🏻


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