Be Thankful 🌞

Happiness is appreciation of everything that you have”. There are many understandings of happiness, this one is my personal opinion about it. You can’t be happy if you aren’t thankful for what you have, and you concentrate on what you don’t. We should appreciate everything that we have in our lives, even if that everything is not enought according to our dreams. We have the opportunity to wake up everyday, to see things, experience, try new things even if they end up being a failure. We have  family, friends, food to eat, water to drink, and last but definitely not least, a life to live. With all its difficulties,  bad experiences, embarrassing moments life is beautiful and worths to live. To wake up everyday, knowing that you can change your life, that you have another day to do something important or something that you fancy. And yes, these are the things to be grateful for. When we compare ourselves with others, we always see our disadvantages and see what others have and we don’t. And when, for example, you tell someone that at least he or she has home, food and water compared to so many people in Africa, who dream about a full cup of water, the person always laughs and says that these situations are incomparable, which is wrong. We should see how the fate could turn to us, but it didn’t and be grateful for that. What I am saying is that even if we have problems, don’t have some things that we would like to have, we still should be grateful. As they say, positive attracts more positive, and if we start thinking positively about what we have, we will get what we want. And from there comes happiness. 


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