Cozy October 🍁🍂

This beautiful moment, when you start writing after a big while. It’s October now, yaay, my favorite time, well, actually one of them. The time of golden and red leaves all around, cozy rainy days with blankets and tea, pumpkins and Halloween, of course. It’s really wonderful to watch how nature changes its clothes, how some simple colors bring such a beauty and mystery to the same ordinary streets, and make a simple walk an amazing one. This is the season when it is a great pleasure both to stay home with a nice book a cup of tea or coffee or whatever makes you warm on a cold day, and to go out, feel yourself like in a movie, enjoy the fresh and clean air after the hot summer, take a look around all the small pieces of nature in a big city, and even have some small photoshoots. 

Maybe I freak out over some bunch of leaves too much, but I’d never stop doing that because that’s what life is for, enjoying the little but fascinating things that surround us, feeling the energy and spirit of every season and changing with the weather, changing with the treas, becoming a complete another person-an autumn person, for now. That’s what I do. Staring out of the window when it rains and the wind moves the leaves all around the streets and air and listening to the fall songs. Watching the same Halloween movies over again because they’re fun and they are magic and can never get old. Decorting the room, as if the autumn just throws up with all the fake orange leaves and small pumkpins and candles and not-so-well-done DIYs. Yes I am that person and I couldn’t be happier about that. So don’t get angry because of my eternal praise of autumn and its colors and the mood and atmosphere, everything. I hope I wrote everything that is worth paying attention to, and that the numerous people who read this ( ahaha do you see the sarcasm here?) will start loving autumn if they didn’t or will continue adoring it as much as I do. 🍁🍂

P.S. I really missed writing, I hope that I will overcome my lazy bones nature and will write more often. It’s like putting all your thoughts in one place, so that later you can always come back and read them, having all the feelings that are in this simple words. ✨


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