Throwback 〰🌙

Summer. New beginning. Night. Fresh air. And old songs. This is everything for me, that very magical moment, when you feel like there is a time machine. In music, in smells, in your head. Every summer has its own story. And sometimes you want to ‘re-read’ an old story. And you remember everything but during that you think how much everything has changed. How much you have changed. Once a small yard was a whole big world for me. Later I discovered that there is another, bigger world behind this small one, but sometimes you want to go back you want to feel the same thing like the first time. That air, fun, games, loud laughters and happy people. You win, you lose, was such a big deal. And when the game time ends, it comes to ‘mature’ conversations or jokes. Everything becomes so funny and silly when you look back at the things that were important and big. But you are not ashamed of that. Indeed, you would go back and do the same things, say the same ‘stupid, childish things’. And sometimes you can even remember a whole conversation, with its all sentences and even reactions and looks.                         But the most cool part is, that there are people in your life, that could read this and understand what I am talking about. And that the people that were with you at that time, are with you now. With the same music and memories and “Rmember, when…” 

I wonder if all the people who were in this or that memory, but aren’t now in your life, do they remember the same things that I do? Do they just look outside the window in a warm summer night and have the warm feeling of having good time and being thankful for that? I hope they do, because a good childhood and good memories are the basis of happy life afterwards.                                 And it all starts with a simple night, summer air and songs. They are my everything. 🌙

Song inspiration- Мр Кредо- Медляк🎶

That summer nights 〰⭐️


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