Sweater Weather🍁

Heey the fall is here!! Even though it’s still hot like in summer, I don’t care, September goes into autumn so I’m really excited about that. As you can see autumn is one of my favorite seasons of the year. One of the four seasons,actually. Yes, I think I am the only person in the world who loves each season, because they all are wonderful and unique and it’s cool to see the first snowfall, or how the trees start to green or days become hot and then the whole world is being covered by colorful leaves and it’s amazing. Just look. 

But let’s talk about fall. Of course, it’s very depressing to go back to school or university and that days are getting shorter and colder but there are maany reasons to love autumn. The first and main one for me is of course Halloween! No, it’s not a childish or anti-religious holiday, I just love all mysterious things and it is also fun to decorate your room and do special make-up and dressed like a witch or something else. So, I’m looking forward it🎃

Next it is all the bright colors, that the nature shows. ‘How beautifully leaves grow old. How full of light and color are their last days’ 

When I see a scenery like this( I wish I saw especially this one) I want to click and stop the world from it’s rush and just to enjoy this beauty, to sit somwhere and feel the connection between me and nature, and feel the calmness that the colors would give me. Yes, I have wild dreams, I know.

I also like rainy days, when you can stay at home, cuddle in a blanket and drink some tea or hot chocolate and you feel all cozy and happy. And of course the Sweater Weather. To wear oversized sweaters and feel warm and comfy. I really find these little things happy because they fill my day with positivity and give me good mood.

What I want to say is try to find the small things that you like in something  that you may hate, because if you can’t change the situation, you always can change your attitude towards it, and it will be the same thing, you will not find the situation that terrible any more. Wish you all have a cozy and cool fall, love the nature and it’ll love you. 🍂🌾

p.s. in others’ life I am a psychologist, in my own life I am a psycho…❕



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