You know what is the best thing in life? Watching back at yourself and realizing that you have changed. Well, at least personally, for me it is one of the best things. When watching even a month back you find yourself more stable and..maybe old? I don’t mean the bad way of the word. I can’t even understand myself, how I am expecting others to do so… Ok, I mean, that when I look back at myself at some point of my life, I realize how much my way of thinking, worldview, and my thoughts and even soul changed. I know that I wouldn’t have done something that I did before, or wouldn’t have worried about some bullshit, that was so much ‘essential’. I’ve learned how to differentiate what is really worth to think about it, and what’s not. I’ve learned to rely on my most close person in this life-me myself, because no one can understand so well, and be more positively in tune for every plan, decision or thought that I have. And I’ve learned to value the words, my own words, that very often are just splited out to everyone. 

And finally I understand that the expression that ‘travel enlarges your worldview and makes you change’. It really is. Seems like there is nothing special, you just go somewhere, see something new, relax and go back. But no, when you come back…I mean when I came back ( I don’t want to speak for others because maybe it’s just for me) I was completely another person and I realized that again yes, I changed. I see something new, and worth  to achieve all your dreams and aims and finally to be where and who you want to be. To know that there is a big possibility, you just have to not give up and learn to fight for your decisions and aims, even if they are slightly strange for the reality that you live in. Because there are plenty of others…



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