Collect moments, not things 〰

I love the moments when I get inspired and motivated by something or someone and that it really makes me think about life, its sense, people and their dreams or aims. Have you ever thought what is the sense, the meaning, the aim of life? Money? Love? Being famous? The answers are so different, but in my humble opinion the right answer is the follow shocking sentence. There is no sense or aim for a life. Or we can paraphrase the sentence and say The meaning of life is nothing. Yes it is. Because life is what is happening at this very moment, and while you are trying to figure out what is your aim for your life, the life is disappearing. The meaning of life is the moment you wake up in the morning, the moment you walk, breathe, listen to music, read a book, watch a movie. And no complication. People always try to do something for their future, to be able to ‘live good, and to support their future children and so on’. And they forget to live, to think about the present. But what if that future never comes? What if tomorrow  is going to be the end of the world? When we say ‘I’ll do it later’, but what if the later never comes? It is kind of scary to think about any stuff like this, but this is the truth. The truth is that people live boring. They never do what they really want and love. They are afraid not only of others’ opinions, of not being understood, but also of failure. People always complain about their unhappy life, but they never do anything to correct and change it. And when you say them to do something they go like oh, c’mon, it’s unbelievable and impossible.

But every person has his own way of living, dreams and aims and no one has to judge another for being different. That’s the problem. People are afraid of being different. Of being judged and misunderstood. And though it is hard but we have to  approve the fact that there is nothing bad in being different.
As I said I always get motivated and it is really amazing, how, for instance, a picture with some quote can help me kind of change my life. I just realized what really makes me happy at this moment. Adventures. Exploring. And seeing. Seeing new things, beautiful and awesome things, which can be a piece of art, nature, building or anything else. Trying new things, even if don’t have enough courage to do something you love, you have to do this. And this is the only ‘have to’ in your life. You have to do what you love unless it interferes other peoples’ lives. If you want to jump with a parachute, to dye your hair pink, get a piercing or tattoo, move to another country you have to do that, if it is really what you want. 

Being repeated again but…Exploring. Adventures. That’s what really fascinates me now. Especially when I find some new amazing places in my own city, district it is the best feeling for me. That’s what gives you not knowledge, no, it is relative understanding, but some kind of wisdom. The awareness of beautiful and universal love, which is not only loving your boyfriend/girlfriend, no it is loving and appreciating the life. 

And finally, do what you love, and you’ll love what you do. A crazy sentence at first sight, but it does have a sense.  ✔️



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