Life is what it is ✔️

Sometimes you have to just acknowledge that life is what it is, and no one can change it. It has both its happy and sad moments, highs and falls and everything else. That’s what it is. If there weren’t cold nights, we wouldn’t appreciate the warm days. If there wasn’t the sour taste in food, we wouldn’t enjoy the sweet and tasty ones. And I’m talking not about food or night. I’m talking about life. You couldn’t  enjoy the minute of sunset or sunrise if it would be endless, because you will be tired of it after some time. What I want to say is that in our lives there always will be dark sides and problems, and some negative circumstances, we just have to not focus on them and always try to notice the best sides of lives. Just for a minute don’t talk or think about anything and enjoy the moment, the minute of life because it’s happening right now. And you don’t have to live somewhere perfect or have all the money in the world or fame. You just have to be thankful and appreciative. I just read it somewhere and now want to share, it really makes you think-happy people always focus on what they have, even if it’s little, and the unhappy ones always focus on what they don’t have. Yes, we don’t have the LA sunsets here, but I had one of the most amazing sunsets in my life, watching all the people living their lives and rushing somwhere, and all the lights of the city were on, though it wasn’t that dark. And you’re listening to that song in that drive with the people you love most in this world. And that was the real happiness and inspiration for me for this time 💕


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