Live the moment ๐Ÿ’–

I really dont know what I am going to write but I just can’t stand not sharing my inspirational mood. The best thing in life is when the words and the thoughts that are in your mind are being said from someone else and you understand that you are not alone thinking or feeling that way. And no matter who is that person, a celebrity, a writer or just your friend, you realize that even if you are not alike to 99% of the people there always will be that 1% that will think that you are cool, and it’s really incredible. 

But no, I lied, sorry for that. The best thing in this life is understanding and realizing that you are alive, that you really live in this world and enjoying it, especially when you are young, wild and   free. The beautiful things that you see, music that you listen to, the wind that you feel with all your body, isn’t it the most amazing thing? When you just sit somewhere and feel that you are really infinite, that you live only in this moment, and you must enjoy it, not thinking about past or future. And the moment, when you listen to really great music (p.s.- Oh Wonder songs) with your friend and you don’t  talk because it’ll spoil the minute of infinite and you don’t even have to talk becuase it is already said but not by words, but just by music and nature and everything else. I know it all sounds strange, but it is what it is. Well, it was like this and this is the best moment. Sorry if there are some misunderstandings in my words ๐Ÿ˜‡

And the new thing that I learned from today. The world, and all that surrounds you is much more beautiful and amazing with sunglasses on your eyes and headphones in your ears. It really is โค๏ธ



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