Summer Inspiration ☀️💜

Hi everyone !! It’s already summer yohoo ☀️ You are probably wondering what the hell is she talking about, it’s been almsot 2 months of summer..But yeah, I just felt the summer, the inspiration of it and I just love it, the hot weather, cold drinks and of course the summer playlist of the best songs for me. I feel so connected to music and art lately that I can’t live without them even a day. In summer you try to create your own perfect world and begin a new life, doing what you’ve planned to do for a long time. Or maybe you enjoy being lazy and doing nothing. But, therefore, I would like to introduce some thing that you can do in summer, which I am doing everyday and endlessly enjoying it. So, let’s go 🌺

1. First of all, making a to do list, and to write everything that you would like to do, where you would like to go, what movies to watch, what to read etc. For my own part, I created a Summer book, where I write all the previously mentioned things, and I’m going to make it something like scrapbook.

2. As it is hot almost everywhere it’s time for ice cream, cold drinks. As it is the season for all kind of fruits, you can donit yourself using many varios recipes. I enjoy fruit ice creams more than the ones which are sold in shops. It is really tasty, easy to make and also very healthy 🍓🍉

3. Don’t sit all day in your home, travel, explore, go hiking, biking, swimming orwhatever  you want. And you can travel not only abroad but also in your city, visit as much beautiful places as you can with your friends, family members or why not even alone.

4. Create. Be creative. Do re-decoration in your room, handmade accessories, tie die your own t-shirt, draw, write, take amazing photos of everything that surrounds you, cause everything has  beauty in it. 🎨

5. And the most important, just for me. Make a cool playlist of your favorite songs, or just summer tunes, and here you are- the summer mood is guaranteed. Dance, sing, do sport or just go walking listineng the amazing songs of your own summer 🎶

So this is it-things, or at least a few of them to do now and to enjoy your time, cause you are living only now, at this very moment. Don’t miss it complaining about the hotness or sth else. Fill your life with positive and live in that positive wave as much as you can. So, enjoy your summer and be happy☀️❤️


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