I’m awake on this rainy day☁️💙

What is rain? Rain is liquid water in the form of droplets that have condensed from atmospheric water vapor and then precipitated. Sorry for complicated terms, though I didn’t even read it by myself, just copied from Wikipedia (what would we do without this wonderful web-site?). By asking what is rain I didnt mean its definition, just what it means to you? Does it have the same sense for all the people? I don’t know why I am always interested in the things like this, but it is the true. People, who hate rain, I’m asking to you-are you crazy?  Isn’t it amazing to see how the nature awakes, how it gets mad and shows its power by rain, thundering and lightening?( p.s. though I am really afraid of lightening, I accept the fact that it is one if the most beautiful things in the world). And you see how the plants and the grass absorb  the water, and how after rain everything looks ‘younger and greener’. And the rainbow after rain, seeing it was real happiness for me, as I was a child. I always made wishes when I saw it. Just look how incredible this is.🌈

  I find peace in rain, and always feel relaxed and comforted, especially at nights, it is easier to sleep, under isound of drops. 

Some of my friends will laugh at me, cause I keep saying this sentence everytime, when I see the weather like this-I love when the sky is dark, and the grass is bright  green, I dont know why but I always feel something mystical in the weather like this.🍃☁️

Another advantage for rain is the smell after it, which, I just found out, is called Petrichor. The smell of freshness and coolness, like all the problems and the modern life disappear, and you are in the caddle of nature, all alone.


And the answer to the question ”What can we do during rain? We can’t even go out”. Yes, you can. You can forget everything and run like crazy in the pouring rain, it is real fun and enjoyment. If you don’t want to become wet, just stay at home, cover yourself with a blanket, drink tea or hot chocolate and read a book. Not an electronic one, but a real paper book. ( I feel like I’m one of those magazines psychologists, who always give boring advice, so I will not continue😙) 

Just good luck, and love rain.✨💚



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