Nothing lasts forever ✖️➰✖️

“Sometimes forever is just a second”.  And if you think how much can change that one second. A new life, a new death, a happy meet or a sad goodbye. Sometimes you want that one second to really last forever, cause it is everything that you need. And you look carefully and attentively trying to keep every single detail of that moment in your mind, because later it will be the only thing left with you, in your memory. Nothing lasts forever, so it’s better not to get attached to anything so badly because it hurts. Never say never, but in this case it’s better than Never say forever. Because everything  is not lasting, it all end in one day, in one second. But you are always a perfect psychologist in others life and a miserable one in your owns. When you say something, you really understand it, yet your emotions take more place in your head than your smart-smart thoughts, that’s why we never help ourselves when it’s needed. We can never stop tears by saying that what happened was going to the best, and we can never stop our smile or even laugh when something serious is happening and someone swears at you. It’s our nature, all we can do is accepting it and knowing that it is normal. There is no reason in writing all this, but sometimes I need to wrote my thoughts down because it helps unleash all that mess inside my mind, and I feel relieved. After doing that I dont have any thoughts to finish my blog. So here it is, the end.



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