Hi everyone! Today is a special day for me, cause I finally decided to restart writing again. What makes me do this, I don’t know, but here we are, my new blog! I love writing my opinion, my thoughts about  different topics, and I hope it’ll be interesting for everyone. Though I write in two languages-Russian and English, neither of them is my native languages. I cant announce some particular dates, when I will write, because it’s all connected with my inspiration, mood and of course time. Maybe I will write every day, and maybe I’ll disappear for a month. I don’t know why I am writing all these right now, because I don’t think anyone cares about it,  but I just type here everything I think. And I write at first for myself, for my creative satisfaction, and I blog as a hobby, so whether I will have one or thousand readers, it will not bother me that much (p.s. just kidding, if I had a chance to choose, I would prefer thousands of readers😄) 

So, this was everything I wanted to say, hope, I will post a new blog very soon.✨


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